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IVI 4 helps you identify TV shows and movies and allows you to add poster artwork, film plot or episode details, cast lists and more. The app will format the video for all Apple platforms automatically, including Mac, AppleTV, iPad, iPhone, and iPod. MTR - The Mac's oldest and smartest DVD-backup app (was MacTheRipper). Download the latest versions of the best Mac apps at safe and trusted MacUpdate Download, install, or update MTR for Mac from MacUpdate. Visit developer's site Download iVI 4.0 [88.8MB] [Mac] Supported operating systems. That you choose to select in your converted file or you can add your own from an SRT or SSA file. IVI can also automatically download subtitles from Open Subtitles and SubDB making it easy to add great subtitles to your movies. IVI supports both.

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Keithley IVI-COM/IVI-C Driver for Model 2380 Programmable DC Electronic Load Version 1.0.0 (includes release notes) (Windows 10, 8, 7 Compatible). Initial release.Mac
  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Software Type: Driver
  • Release Notes:Download Readme_21.htm
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This software applies to: 2380-120-60 , 2380-500-15 , 2380-500-30 , 2380j 120 60 , 2380j 500 15 , 2380j 500 30

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iVI Pro v4
Import any Video into iTunes, Plex, iOS Devices or Apple TV and build an awesome looking media collection
iVI makes your Media Collection Look Awesome
TV Shows
Home Movies
Convert TV Shows and add season and episode details, language tracks and subtitles
Convert movies including subtitles and language tracks, and add movie artwork and other details
Convert home movies from your personal video devices adding your own artwork or descriptions
All Resolutions : 4k, 1080p, 720p and 480p
iVI converts your files into any HD format your devices support including modern 4k (with HDR), 1080p or 720p HD and also 480p SD (Standard Definition) format that is suitable for older Apple devices. In iTunes it just appears as a great looking movie file including posters, movie or episode synopsis, actors and director information just like a purchased video file.
h265 / HEVC Support
iVI can convert video to the latest HEVC/h265 format supported on iOS 11 and macOS 10.13 ensuring the smallest possible video size while maintaining great quality and faster video streaming. iVI can also convert video to h.264 to support your older Apple devices.
Awesome Metadata
For TV Shows and Movies iVI can pull metadata including posters, movie and TV episode synopsis, actors, directors, ratings, first air date and more from services such as TVDB, MovieDB and iTunes to ensure your shows look awesome in iTunes, Plex or even just in Finder. iVI is the only video converter available that lets you mix metadata from various sources. You can get the poster artwork from iTunes and the rest of the TV Show information from TVDB for example. It’s metadata your way.
Fast Conversion
iVI is one of the fastest video converters available. If the video is already encoded in h.265 or h.264 format then iVI will pass the video from the source file to the destination file in seconds with no conversion required. In the event the video does need to be converted iVI 4 supports full hardware conversion when creating h.264 files for the fastest possible conversion times.
Supports Any Device
iVI comes with inbuilt support for every Apple device (all iPhones, iPads, iPods, Apple TV and Macs) and also the popular Plex media server right out of the box. iVI also allows the creation of new devices enabling you to add devices such as Android phones, Smart TVs or other media servers.
Import DVDs into iTunes
iVI can import your DVDs into iTunes for playback on your computers, Apple TV, iPad or iPhone. This import can include multiple audio tracks (surround sound, directors commentary…) and subtitles from the original DVD.
Apple have made it clear that this feature will not be allowed in an App Store version of iVI so it’s only in iVI Pro available from our store.
Video formats
iVI will convert almost any video file dropped onto it including all common formats such as MP4 MPG MOV AVI MKV WMV FLV 3GP AVCHD MOD MTS M2TS TOD and VOB (VOB support is only available in iVI Pro). iVI can ensure the video file is converted to work on Apple devices for iTunes, AppleTV, iPad, iPhone or iPod or preserve the original resolution of the video for work in iMovie or Final Cut.
Audio formats
iVI will convert surround sound present in the video (5.1 audio) and will automatically include a stereo track (2 channel audio) in the default language even if the file did not include one originally. This means that on your home theater system you have great sounding surround sound but when you’re mobile everything still plays just fine.
iVI downloads TV Show and Movie information in your local language (when available). iVI converts all available language tracks in your file and will default to playing your video in your language. iVI’s interface is available in English, French and German with more languages on the way!
iVI will include any available subtitles (SRT, SSA, PGS or VobSub) that you choose to select in your converted file or you can add your own from an SRT or SSA file. iVI can also automatically download subtitles from Open Subtitles and SubDB making it easy to add great subtitles to your movies. iVI supports both “soft subtitles” that can be turned on and off and “hard subtitles” that are always present in the video.
Automate Your Video Conversion
iVI can monitor folders for new video files and add show information, convert and import into iTunes automatically so your video is ready when you are.