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DescriptionVMware Horizon Client for macOS
Release Date2017-09-21
Type Product Binaries

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The VMware Horizon client for macOS
File size: 36.58 MB
File type: Mac disk image
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Name: VMware-Horizon-Client-4.6.0-6607320.dmg
Release Date: 2017-09-21
Build Number: 6607320

The VMware Horizon client for macOS
Client application used to connect to virtual desktops and remote applications from macOS desktop computers

MD5SUM: 5c24094bdd854798e51246400b5790b1
SHA1SUM: 8a303a1c52785223950e2a75a39c3a38bb5ec92d
SHA256SUM: f195d2a7357b1c791debda763c9cd8e11db134a2ab5da2d325c757a142141601
Driver / ToolRelease Date
There are no drivers or tools available for this product. Horizonmb Download For Mac
ProductRelease Date
VMware Horizon Client Open Source
OSS Licenses and Disclosure packages for VMware Horizon clients2017-09-21

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There are no custom ISOs available for this product.

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