Hahnemuhle Icc Profile Download For Mac

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  1. Third Party Papers (tested by Canon for the PIXMA PRO-1 Professional Inkjet Printer) For information on how to install an ICC profile and set up applications and printer driver, please refer to the Art Paper Printing Guide for your specific PRO Printer.
  2. If you have problems not solved by our handling instructions, please contact our technical support: digitalfineart @ hahnemuehle.com or +49 5561 791-368.

The profile installation process for 10.15, 10.14, 10.13 and 10.11 El Capitan differs from other versions of the OS. Instead of the long standing Library > Colorsync > Profiles folder usage, you will need to locate and use the same path, but inside of the admin user account. Getting there takes a couple of extra steps, which we have outlined below.

Locked Profile Folders in 10.7+ On a MAC running 10.7 and up, the 'library/colorsync/profiles' folder location may be locked by default and can only be unlocked by an admin. This state results in the inability of a user to install your icc print profiles per the normal instructions. Installation using Windows: 1. Extract the downloaded Zip file by right clicking the zip folder and selecting “extract all”. Right-click on the unpacked ICC Profile and select 'Install Profile'.

Download and Unzip the Profile

Profiles come from our website as zipped folders. Downloaded items usually arrive in your Downloads Folder or on the Desktop. This is computer specific and Red River Paper does not have control over where items are saved on your computer.

Double click the zipped folder.

An unzipped folder will appear next to the zipped item you just clicked. Double click this folder to see its contents.

A typical profile download will contain an ICC profile and an instructions PDF.

You will copy and paste the profile only. Do not attempt to copy the entire folder as that will not properly install your profile.

Copy the profile

Single-click on the profile to highlight it.

Go to the Edit menu and click on Copy

Locating the profiles folder

Hahnemuhle Icc Profile Download For Mac

Click on the Go menu.

(If you do not, you will not see the Library option)

The 'Library' option will appear in the Go listing. Click it.

Clicking 'Library' in the Go menu will launch a finder taking you to the Library folder under your user folder.

Icc profile for mac

Once you are in the Library folder you will navigate to:
ColorSync > Profiles as shown above.

Paste the profile into the Profiles folder

Hahnemuhle Paper Icc Profiles

Place your mouse over a white space in the profiles folder and click once.

Go to the Edit menu, locate and click on 'Paste Item'.

You may see an administrator authentication box appear when pasting the profile. Just enter your admin password where prompted.

The profile has now been 'installed' into your system. It will be available in the profile selection of your photo editing / printing program.

Next Steps - Using Profiles

After the profile is installed, you will use them during the print process, in the print dialog of your photo software. Get Tutorials on how to use ICC printer color profiles.