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  1. Mozilla Firefox For Mac 10.7.5

There are many add-ons are available on internet by which you can download the YouTube videos very easily. You can get different number of YouTube downloader add-on for chrome, Firefox and safari browsers. You just need to install them, and once you install the suitable add-ons for your browser, restart your browser to use your browser with new add-on option. YouTube video can be downloaded very easily once you restart your browser. You will get an option to download the video in the red button below the player. In this article we will learn about different add-ons for different browsers.

Part 1. Download YouTube with Addon Chrome, Firefox, Safari Easily

Download Videos from the Web. AllMyTube is an integrated video downloader to download videos from 1000+ video sites like youtube etc for watching iPhone 5, iPad 4, iPod Touch etc.Learn More >> Free Trial Free Trial Firefox is one of the most popular and powerful web browsers on the world. My friend recommended firefox to me so i can download music videos from youtube. She showed me when you watch a video a small icon will start spinning around in the corner and you press it and save the video. Video DownloadHelper is the most complete tool to extract videos and image files from Web sites and save them to your hard drive. Just surf the Web as you are used to, when DownloadHelper detects it can do something for you, the toolbar icon highlights and a menu allows you to download files by simply clicking an item.

If you want to download your favorite videos to your computer or cell phone directly with a YouTube downloader add-on then I would recommend you to download iTube HD Video Downloader to easily download YouTube videos, playlists, channels and user contents to your computer for free. iTube YouTube Playlist Downloader is by far the most complete and easy video downloader for Mac and Windows. This YouTube Downloader enables you a 'Playlist' download button to download the whole YouTube playlist easily. And you can also directly download YouTube playlist to MP3 or other video and audio formats.

How great could it be to be able to watch YouTube videos in the middle of nowhere, or simply view favorite videos without the hassle of loading it?

iTube HD Video Downloader - One Click Download YouTube with Add-on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.

  • Download videos with downloader add-on from YouTube, Vevo, Dailymotion, Vimeo and 10,000+ online video sites.
  • Convert the YouTube video to MP3 format or other media format with Download then Convert feature directly.
  • Support to download all the videos from a YouTube playlist, channel, category at 3X faster speed.
  • Transfer feature helps to transfer all the downloaded YouTube videos or music to mobile devices to enjoy anywhere.
  • Directly download media files from a sharing link of backup services like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.
  • Private Mode to fully protect your video downloading information with a password set.

How to download YouTube with download extension addon

Step 1. Download and install this YouTube add-on

Mozilla firefox for mac 10.7.5

First of all, you have to download iTube Best YouTube Downloader, after that click on iTube HD Video Downloader icon to launch.

Step 2. Download YouTube videos from Chrome, Safari, Firefox

Then, add iTube HD Video Downloader extension manually to the Chrome, Firefox or Safari. If you don’t know how to add then follow the given steps below: Open Google Chrome store and add TamperMonkey extension to the Chrome, then install iTube extension under TamperMonkey. Once the above process successfully completed, go to YouTube and click on the video that you would like to download. Now, you can click on the “Download” button that will show up at the top left corner of the YouTube online video player.

Another way is to download YouTube videos from URL, which is also faily easy, all you need to do is to copy the URL and then paste the URL by clicking the 'Paste URL' option. Then the YouTube downloader will automatically start to download the videos.

Video Tutorial on How to Download Videos with YouTube Add-on

Part 1. Top 10 Best YouTube Download Addon for Chrome

In this video downloader you can enter or search for any video you like or just simply enter the URL of the video you like to download and it will download your video. It supports .MP4 and .FLV format so the download videos will be in these formats.

User Reviews:

  • It’s a user friendly add on, so it is very easy to use to download videos
  • The speed of fetching and downloading the video is excellent
  • This is one of the best YouTube Video downloader available on the internet
  • If you want to download and convert the video at same time then you need to install the Pro version

The solid YouTube Downloader and converter help you to download the videos from YouTube and convert them into any format like AVI, MP4, and FLV etc. You can download and convert the videos in different formats with this add-on.

User Reviews:

  • It is very easy to use to download and convert the videos in any format
  • With this you can get video as well as audio files
  • Supports batch work with high quality and time saving add on
  • You have to get new registration number after every update
  • It takes up to 2 days for the software updates

Mozilla firefox for mac 10.7.5

This downloader supports Google Chrome to download the YouTube videos. You just need to type or enter the URL of the video to download the video. It is compatible with YouTube,, Facebook and many more websites.

User Reviews:

  • The quality of the downloaded videos is excellent
  • You can download the videos from many sites very easily with this add-on
  • It sometimes varies for different websites

The design and working of this downloader is very simple. You will not find many features in this downloader but if you want to download the YouTube video, then this downloader will help you.

User Reviews:

  • The quality of downloaded files is very good
  • Performance of this downloader is excellent
  • Free software is difficult and difficult to purchase as well

This downloader will allow you to download the videos from any video streaming website, YouTube, Dailymotion etc.

User Reviews:

  • You can download this add-on free of cost to download the videos
  • The design of this add-on is very well designed graphically
  • You can only use a trial version to download the videos

You can download videos in many formats with this downloader. It’s also very easy to use as it provides you the button of download to download the video below the player.

User Reviews:

  • This downloader can be used in cell phones as well
  • User friendly, easy to use and download the videos
  • It’s very difficult to search and download the Tumbler videos in this downloader

You can use this downloader directly with your Chrome browser. It can be used to download the videos and audios as well in many formats like MP4, FLV, WebM etc.

User Reviews:

  • You can download videos in many formats as well as audio formats
  • Quality of the downloaded videos is not so good

This add-on is also supports all type of browsers to download number of videos. You can also convert the download video to MP3 format with this downloader.

User Reviews:

  • It’s a user friendly, handy and convenient add-on
  • Simple design and the quality of downloaded videos is very nice
  • A pop up comes up whenever try to use this and contains some virus in it

In this you will get an excellent sound quality with the number of formats like FLV, HD, MP4 etc to enjoy the downloaded music.

User Reviews:

  • It lets you to download the videos which are compatible with your iPhone and iPad
  • You can choose the format, resolution and quality of the video before downloading
  • In this add-on you are not able to convert the videos into MP3
  • The speed of downloading the videos is normal depends on the connection speed

In the end, in this downloader when you are watching the video, you will get an option of “Download MP3” and it will help you to convert the video to MP3.

User Reviews:

  • It has a very easy to use interface with minimal system requirements
  • Best add-on for downloading the videos from YouTube
  • Installation process of this add-on is very annoying and it has limited features

Part 2. Top 10 Best Firefox Addon Video Downloader

The easy YouTube downloader Express can download the video from YouTube in HD 1090p format.

User Reviews:

  • It supports MP4, FLV, 720HD, 1080p Full HD, 3GP and MP3 Files
  • The quality of downloaded videos and songs is excellent
  • You need use Pro Version to download MP3

1-Click YouTube Video Downloader

In this downloader, you can select any format as it supports a number of formats from low to HD quality.

User Reviews:

  • Simple and perfect add on to download YouTube videos
  • It opens an unexpected new tab and it shows its homepage every time

Maximum number of people uses this downloader to download the videos. You can download videos from YouTube and many more other websites like Google Videos, iFilm, Porkolt etc.

User Reviews:

  • It is easy to use with fast speed. You can download the video in only 2 clicks
  • This downloader works flawlessly on almost every websites
  • A QR code is added mostly to all videos. It’s not free
  • The location of the downloaded file is not fixed, have to search

You will get subtitles in the download videos with YouTube Video and Audio Downloader. The files downloaded and extracted by this add-on is all original files.

User Reviews:

  • This downloader supports 256Kbps high quality M4A audio
  • MP4, WebM, M4A, FLV all files are supported by this downloader
  • FFmpeg is required for MP3 conversion

With the help of this you can download flash files from any gaming websites and you can use this add on to download the videos.

Mozilla Firefox For Mac 10.7.5

User Reviews:

  • MP4, 3GP, FLV and WebM files are supported by this add-on
  • Flash videos of Video games as well as videos can be downloaded with this add-on
  • A new tab opens every time without permission when you use this add-on
  • You cannot download the video larger than 360p

The function of this add-on is to provide you buffer less video with high quality videos to download.

User Reviews:

  • The YouTube Center is best for listening the excellent quality of songs
  • There are number of features in this add-on
  • There is no option to stop the auto play feature, it automatically play the next video
  • Keyboard pause and play buttons are missing in this add-on

This is an amazing video downloader by which you can convert audio files with number of formats and you can block the ads on YouTube.

User Reviews:

  • It can convert the video files to audio files
  • You can block the ads on YouTube and it has many features as compared to others
  • It doesn’t supports video of HD 1080p format

With this add-on you can download as well as convert the videos from high to low resolutions. This downloader is known as a powerful media converter.

User Reviews:

  • This is the super convenient add-on for downloading and converting the files
  • You can download high as well as low resolution videos
  • Difficult to use, its little bit confusing
  • Annoying updates usually came while watching or downloading videos

The video download helper add-on can help you to download videos, audio and image files from websites like YouTube. You can receive the notification whenever a new video of your choice is available.

User Reviews:

  • It doesn’t hog resources and doesn’t crash and easy to use
  • It is the amazing tool to download the videos
  • There is an QR code on every download

You can download and save videos from YouTube, vimeo and many more websites. This add-on supports up to 4k videos.

User Reviews:

  • This add-on is very consistent and easy to use. It works where other fails
  • It doesn’t supports 1080p format

There are a number of add-ons which you can install to download youtube videos, but I don't recognize the one you described. You'd have to ask your friend what the name of it is.

However, here's one that does a similar job:

In the screenshot, you can see a blue arrow on the toolbar. If you click that, you get the option of downloading that particular video in a number or diferent formats like High Definition (HD) for example.

If the arrow remains greyed out on a video, it means that downloading has been disabled by the site.