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Sketch v3.4.2 (Mac OS X) 26 MB

Sketch gives you the power, flexibility and speed you always wanted in a lightweight and easy-to-use package. Finally you can focus on what you do best: Design.
Sketch supports multiple fills, borders and shadows per layer; has powerful non-destructive boolean operations; smart pixel alignment; and makes exporting a breeze with automatic slicing and multiple resolution export.
Vector tools and basic shapes are the foundation; whether you are designing icons, websites, interfaces or anything else. Combine these into complex shapes with non-destructive boolean operations, leaving you free to edit them in the future, then apply advanced layer style options like multiple shadows, fills, gradients, noise, blending, background blurring, and more.
– Symbols, for reusing elements in your design
– Text Styles and Layer Styles, redesigned and unified for a better experience
– Redesigned inspector, giving you quicker access to everything
– Automatic Slices, export layers directly, without needing to set up manual slices
– Export multiple resolutions from a single slice, at any scale
– Improved PDF, EPS and SVG importing and exporting
– Speed, bug fixes and polish all around
– Presentation Mode, go full screen and hide all controls, perfect for showing off designs
– Improved bitmap editing with Magic Wand, Crop, Invert and Vectorize tools
– Simple but powerful interface, built from the ground up for OS X
– Optimized for Retina and non-Retina displays
– Powerful styling: multiple shadows, multiple fills, gradients, blending, blur, noise and more…
– Flexible boolean operations to combine simple shapes into complex shapes
– Artboards and Slices for exporting multiple images out of a single document
– Automatic export for multiple resolutions at the same time
– Unique Color (with RGB and HSB modes) and Font pickers
– Beautiful native text rendering and text styles
– Vector and pixel zoom; zoom in with infinite vector precision or see individual pixels
– Multi-stop and radial gradients editing right in the canvas. Powerful WYSIWYG rendering
– Shared Layer Styles that automatically update all associated layers
– Shared Text Styles for sharing font and paragraph info between text layers
– Powerful, easy-to-use Vector Tool
– A growing community of designers with fantastic resources available on the web
Requires MacOSX 10.9 or later

  • SketchUp for Mac is a 3D design app that allows you to create 3D models and, using an online service, get those models built. SketchUp for Mac installs easily but was not available from the App.
  • To ensure that SketchUp can take full advantage of modern technology, the latest version of SketchUp is available as a 64-bit version. View 64-bit requirements.
  • Code generator that integrates drawing and image processing tools Right off the bat, you can either import images into the PaintCode editor or create a new canvas and start designing graphic objects by using the available drawing tools.

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Sketch 3.4 Updates. Version 3.4.4 Released 10 December, 2015 Highlights. Bug Fixes and Speed Fixes a bug where symbols could get unlinked and old documents could take too long to open. Download Sketch Version 3.4.2 Requires Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9) or newer. Details Enhancements.

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Download Sketch 3.4.2 For Mac

Release Date: Oct. 13, 2014

Python 3.4 has reached end-of-life. Python 3.4.10, the final release of the 3.4 series, is availablehere.

Sketch Software Mac

Python 3.4.2 was released on October 8th, 2014.

Python 3.4.2 has many bugfixes and other small improvements over 3.4.1. One new feature for Mac OS X users: the OS X installers are now distributed as signed installer package files compatible with the OS X Gatekeeper security feature.

Major new features of the 3.4 series, compared to 3.3

Python 3.4 includes a range of improvements of the 3.x series, includinghundreds of small improvements and bug fixes. Among the new major new featuresand changes in the 3.4 release series are

  • PEP 428, a 'pathlib' module providing object-oriented filesystem paths
  • PEP 435, a standardized 'enum' module
  • PEP 436, a build enhancement that will help generate introspection information for builtins
  • PEP 442, improved semantics for object finalization
  • PEP 443, adding single-dispatch generic functions to the standard library
  • PEP 445, a new C API for implementing custom memory allocators
  • PEP 446, changing file descriptors to not be inherited by default in subprocesses
  • PEP 450, a new 'statistics' module
  • PEP 451, standardizing module metadata for Python's module import system
  • PEP 453, a bundled installer for the pip package manager
  • PEP 454, a new 'tracemalloc' module for tracing Python memory allocations
  • PEP 456, a new hash algorithm for Python strings and binary data
  • PEP 3154, a new and improved protocol for pickled objects
  • PEP 3156, a new 'asyncio' module, a new framework for asynchronous I/O
R 3.4.2 for mac

Utorrent 3.4.2 Download

More resources

  • Change log for this release.
  • Report bugs at
  • Help fund Python and its community.

Notes on this release:

R 3.4.2 Download

  • The binaries for AMD64 will also work on processors that implement the Intel 64 architecture. (Also known as the 'x64' architecture, and formerly known as both 'EM64T' and 'x86-64'.) They will not work on Intel Itanium Processors (formerly 'IA-64').
  • There is important information about IDLE, Tkinter, and Tcl/Tk on Mac OS X here.

Download R 3.4.2 For Windows

VersionOperating SystemDescriptionMD5 SumFile SizeGPG
Gzipped source tarballSource release5566bc7e1fdf6bed45f9a750d5f80fc219257270SIG
XZ compressed source tarballSource release36fc7327c02c6f12fa24fc9ba78039e314223804SIG
Mac OS X 32-bit i386/PPC installerMac OS Xfor Mac OS X 10.5 and later39635ba1fc5f471639a122c39bf1291222759983SIG
Mac OS X 64-bit/32-bit installerMac OS Xfor Mac OS X 10.6 and later20c89ed88254aa0eeb4bb44ddfa7fc1622851716SIG
Windows debug information filesWindowsd5dd462fb786c35e228375a53c701e8836785324SIG
Windows debug information files for 64-bit binariesWindowse14696859c8b65b9016ec6a29b0302ed24137410SIG
Windows help fileWindows0735dab44019fb59a32c843fbe6576d97361836SIG
Windows x86-64 MSI installerWindowsfor AMD64/EM64T/x6445140ce7891a18cd52530cecdf7717ff25235456SIG
Windows x86 MSI installerWindows0aa1a556892d8dc0b60c19bf3102fb3f24530944SIG