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MBOX to PST Converter for Mac Mail Extractor Pro is developed by USL Software to convert Apple Mail, the Thunderbird, the Postbox and Convert MBOX to PST file for Outlook:mac 2016 /Office 365/ 2011 for Mac and Microsoft Windows Outlook Office 365, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2003, 2007. Mac PST Converter tool provides users an option to export emails stored in PST file to 4 different formats on Mac OS:: Using this option, a user can convert PST to on Mac OS X. It will create a separate file for each folder in PST file. OLM to PST Converter Ultimate converts Outlook (Mac) data to PST files. It can auto-load the database from the system, so the OLM files are not needed. The typical method for exporting OLM to PST is unnecessarily complex and long, and open to the risk of data loss. Mac PST Converter tool provides users an option to export emails stored in PST file to 4 different formats on Mac OS:: Using this option, a user can convert PST to on Mac OS X. It will create a separate file for each folder in PST file.

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Everyone uses mail messaging software and some use Outlook for the same. Outlook creates the mailbox in PST format. There will be a need for converting this to EML for archival purpose or may be to migrate to a different client. There are online converters or free converters available for download to do the job. We review 6+ PST to EML converters for your benefit. You can have a look at the same and choose the one you like post evaluation.


Aid4Mail Free

Aid4Mail is a software used to convert PST files to EML. The free trial is available for download but has limited functionality. It is used for testing and can be bought later. It can be used to migrate the message you have from one mail system to the other. A helpful tool for the end user.

Convert PST to EML

This utility is available from PST is an Outlook file and Outlook cannot convert a PST to EML file. Hence we need to use this fantastic tool to convert the emails into PST to EML format. It can be used by a single person or multiple people. It converts the file very quickly and saves huge time if done manually.

Convert Outlook PST Emails

This is a beautiful tool from Perfect Data Solutions to convert Outlook emails which are stored in PST to EML. It has a good intuitive graphical user interface and also supports most versions of Outlook mail. It has an algorithm for converting to EML quickly. It saves time and keeps it in the same folder structure.

PST to EML Converter

This is a tool from PST Recovery and it is a very well known tool for the conversion of PST messages to EML. You do not require Outlook for the conversion. Just have the PST file and it will do its job. It can export corrupt and encrypted PST files too. It understands ANSI and UNICODE formats.

Other Platforms

Olm to pst converter for mac

The tool needs to be available where users run Outlook on platforms like Windows and Macintosh. We will review the below software which runs on other platforms. The utility will do well if it supports multiple platforms as users tend to use different platforms for their personal work.

USL-PST Extractor Pro for Mac

This software works on the Macintosh platform and is the most used software. The software is powerful and can be used by all types of users, basic or advanced. It supports Unicode format and converts all messages without loss of details or information. It keeps the folder structure intact and hence it is very easy to find the needed messages.

PST Converter Pro Windows

It is a good tool to convert PST to EML files. It supports the password protected PST files. It supports Unicode format which means there is international language support. It is a tool which does not require Outlook on the computer. Just feed the PST and it converts the same to EML for further use.

Most Popular Software for 2016 – PST Mail Box Converter

This tool is from Softaken software. It converts the PST file to various formats but known for the conversions to EML files. It supports most versions of Outlook and one of the fastest and error free conversion tool available. It not only transfers emails but contacts, calendar events, and journals. A wonderful converter indeed. You can also see PDF to EMF Converter

What is PST to EML Converter?

File Converter For Mac

PST file is the way Outlook stores all the message and other email data on the computer. It is an offline mail folder. There is a need to convert this to EML format for migration of the emails to a different system or archive the emails properly. The software helps in converting the messages and other items in the PST file to an EML file. The software does this very efficiently and quickly. It also does this with zero errors and recovers from corrupt file. In essence, it is an essential tool for the conversion. You can also see HTML to MHT Converter

Converter For Mac Free

The 6+ PST to EML converters has been reviewed above. There are products available for download and for evaluation purpose for certain time period. You can test this and then buy the product you like. Certain products come with 30 Day Money back guarantee and hence can buy and evaluate.

Mac Pst File Location

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