Download Nvidia Cuda Toolkit 5.5.20 For Mac

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On the cuda download page, click on the 'Legacy CUDA Toolkits' link on the right hand side of that page. Sep 20, 2018  With NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit, you can freely build GPU-accelerated application software projects. First things first, CUDA is a parallel computing platform and programming model invented by NVIDIA.

CUDA 6.5 Production Release


Read about 10 ways CUDA 6.5 improves performance and productivity in this blog by Mark Harris.

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NOTE: GeForce GTX980 or GTX970 developers, please download CUDA 6.5 Toolkits with support for your GPU here.
NVIDIA Nsight™ Visual Studio Edition 4.2 is now available for download in the NVIDIA GameWorks Developer Program.
Version 64-bit 32-bit
Windows 8.1
Windows 7
NotebookEXE EXE
DesktopEXE EXE
Win Server 2012 R2 DesktopEXE
Win Server 2008 R2 DesktopEXE EXE
Windows XP DesktopEXE
Windows Getting Started Guide
If you are developing with CUDA 6.5 on a GeForce GTX980 or GTX970 download CUDA 6.5 Toolkits with support for your GPU here.
Distribution x86 64-bit x86 32-bit
Fedora 20
OpenSUSE 13.1
CentOS 6
CentOS 5
SLES 11 (SP3)
SteamOS 1.0-beta** RUN
Ubuntu 14.04**DEB* RUN RUN
Ubuntu 12.04**DEB* RUN RUN
Linux Getting Started Guide

* Includes ARMv7 cross-compilation tools.
** Includes x86 32-bit cross-compilation and profiling tools.

ARMv8 64-bit*** ARMv7 32-bit
Generic Display DriverRUN
Generic CUDA ToolkitRUN
Generic CUDA SamplesRUN
Ubuntu 14.04DEB*
Ubuntu 14.04 Cross-Compile (x86 64-bit)DEB
Ubuntu 12.04 Cross-Compile (x86 64-bit)DEB
L4T 21.2DEB**
Linux Getting Started Guide

Sudo Apt-get Install Nvidia-cuda-toolkit

* NOT to be used for L4T (Jetson TK1).
** ONLY to be used for Jetson TK1.
*** ARM-64 support has been tested on systems from Cirrascale and E4 based on the AppliedMicro X-Gene-C1 processor.

Download Nvidia Cuda Toolkit 5.5.20 For Mac

If you are developing with CUDA 6.5 on a GeForce GTX980 or GTX970 download CUDA 6.5 Toolkits with support for your GPU here.
OSX Release Package

Mac Getting Started Guide
Release Notes
End User License Agreement
Online Documentation
CUDA Toolkit Overview

Q: Can I get a version of the cuSOLVER library that works with the CUDA 6.5 toolkit?
A: We have made an unsupported patch available which provides a version of the cuSOLVER library that will work with the CUDA 6.5 Toolkit. The patch is only available for x86_64 systems running Linux. Also, cuSOLVER is only officially supported as of the CUDA 7.0 Toolkit, so the patch available here is provided without any additional documentation, and is meant as an aid for advanced developers that don’t have access to CUDA 7.0 systems yet.

  • cuSOLVER patch for Linux RUN file installation instructions
  • cuSOLVER patch for Linux RPM/DEB installation instructions

Q: Are the latest NVIDIA drivers included in the CUDA Toolkit installers?
A: For convenience, the installer packages on this page include NVIDIA drivers which support application development for all CUDA-capable GPUs supported by this release of the CUDA Toolkit. If you are deploying applications on NVIDIA Tesla products in a server or cluster environment, please use the latest recommended Tesla driver that has been qualified for use with this version of the CUDA Toolkit. If a recommended Tesla driver is not yet available, please check back in a few weeks.

Q: How does this release differ from the current CUDA 6.5 Release?
A: These toolkits contain support for the GeForce GTX980 and GTX970, including compatible drivers. In addition, driver support for older generation GPUs with SM1.x has been deprecated.

Nvidia Cuda Toolkit Ubuntu

Q: What's in the installer packages?
A: The installers include the CUDA Toolkit, CUDA samples, CUDA Tools including Nsight Visual Studio Edition (for Windows) and Nsight Eclipse Edition (for Linux / Mac OS X), and developer drivers.

Nvidia Cuda Toolkit Download

Q: Will the installer replace the driver currently installed on my system?
A: The installer will provide an option to install the included driver, and if selected, it will replace the driver currently on your system.


Nvidia Cuda Toolkit

Q: Why doesn't the cuda-repo package install the CUDA Toolkit and Drivers?
A: When using RPM or Deb, the downloaded package is a repository package. Such a package only informs the package manager where to find the actual installation packages, but will not install them.

Q: How do I report issues or bugs?
A: Members of the CUDA Registered Developer Program can report issues and file bugs using links on the Report Issues section of the CUDA Registered Developer Home Page.

Q: Where can I find old versions of the CUDA Toolkit?
A: Older versions of the toolkit can be found on the Legacy CUDA Toolkits page.