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iWinSoft CD/DVD Label Maker for Mac gives you a chance to make incredible looking CD and DVD marks, covers, gem cases, booklets, case embeds quickly. Consistent reconciliation with iPhoto and iTunes, and in addition an extensive gathering of formats and foundations is the part of this program… read more

Mac CD Label Maker The world's #1 CD/DVD Labeling Software for Mac, It lets you make great-looking CD and DVD labels, covers, jewel cases, case inserts with ease. Seamless integration with iPhoto and iTunes, as well as a large collection of backgrounds and label templates.

10 iWinSoft CD/DVD Label Maker for Mac Alternatives & Similar Software

IWinSoft CD Label Maker for Mac is designed for Mac user to create great looking labels for discs, jewel cases, and DVD storage cases. Just select your template type, text layout, backgcoverround image, and print destination. The software supports layout and printing on a broad range of templates for your CD/DVD labels from leading label brands. IWinSoft Inc. Is a leader in innovative and easy to use software developer dedicating to the development and distribution of Barcode Generator and CD Label Maker. Provides you complete bar code and label design and printing solution.


1. Droppix Label Maker

Droppix Label Maker is the best name producer for all discs. By utilizing the Droppix Label Maker, anybody can without much of a stretch make and print shocking marks, Use Droppix Label Maker and make an endless number out of styles using the expert altering apparatuses that accompany numerous textual methods, representations, and models. It is good with the LightScribe innovation and additionally with most standard printers. It puts an intense creation module, for example, layers, transparencies, and a WYSIWYG editorial manager. Another great instrument coordinated into Droppix Label Maker is the CD sound data peruser, which is an exceptionally straightforward approach to utilizing the substance of an audio drive as content data to be put on the mark. Also, Droppix Label Maker can recover data from a disc, permitting you to utilize every one of these points of interest for further customization. To wrap things up, Droppix Label Maker not just that backings a wide exhibit of printers additionally works with any LightScribe-competent drive, so it’s anything but difficult to print your new ventures. Droppix Label Maker needs a moderate measure of assets to offer all of you these treats, yet it works impeccably regardless of the Windows adaptation. As a conclusion, Droppix Label Maker is one of the best instruments of its kind, giving an incredible pack of components and a perfect and very much sorted out the interface to help you take the full favorable position of the implicit utilities.


2. Ashampoo Cover Studio

Ashampoo Cover Studio was at that point the most effortless approach to naming your drives and make smooth case spreads and booklets to run with them. Presently form 2 improves an excellent item notwithstanding, including LightScribe burner support, the direct output for replicating CD marks and covers, a speedier editorial manager and numerous all the more intense new components – all without making the system any more confounded to utilize. You don’t have to do any planning because Ashampoo Cover Studio 2 accompanies significantly more prepared-to-use subjects. You only pick an item; enter your content and print. It couldn’t be less demanding. On the other hand, you can make your excellent plans and spare them as formats that you can reuse simply like the inherent topics. On the off chance that you’ve wished you could create discs with appealing marks then try Ashampoo Cover Studio 2 out. On the off chance that you can smolder a drive, you can make incredible names and covers with Cover Studio. The project guides you through each progression of the procedure and with the prepared-to-use subjects you can’t turn out badly.


3. LightScribe

LightScribe is a digital system that enables the users to burn labels directly onto discs. There are three elements of LightScribe that make precise, high-quality labels such as hardware, software, and media; Hardware is LightScribe-enabled optical disc drive. The software is LightScribe-supported software applications, and Media is LightScribe-specific discs with a thin dye coating. Marking with LightScribe innovation requires an alleged LightScribe-empowered drive and extraordinary optical drives that have a color covering on the name side. At the outset, LightScribe disc media was accessible just in sepia shading and in CD-R and DVD-R designs. Notwithstanding, one can now discover drives in DVD+R and DVD+R DL groups, and in addition to an arrangement of hues. At the point when entered by the laser of the drive, the covering experiences a nontoxic synthetic response that causes the color to obscure in shading. The pictures are composed of concentric disks, beginning from the inside. Copying names with LightScribe innovation bring about a grayscale image. Once smoldered, a mark can’t be deleted from the drive. In any case, because the center (focus) of each LightScribe drive contains a progression of bars that let your hard disk know the careful rotational position of the disc, one can add more to a formerly blazed mark or smolder it again to hone the differentiation. Despite the fact that Hewlett-Packard has reported that LightScribe marks ought to last the lifespan of the drive itself, it is suggested that one keep his discs put away far from warmth and direct daylight, as the name may blur rashly. LightScribe perfect optical disc drives (inward and outer) are broadly accessible in the United States and Europe, for both Windows and Mac. Makers of LightScribe good disc drives incorporate HP, Pioneer, Samsung, LG Electronics and Memorex.


4. Labelflash

Labeling discs utilizing Labelflash innovation must be finished with an exceptional Labelflash perfect disc drive and discs that have an excellent color like that of LightScribe media. The discs are blue in shading and are just accessible in DVD positions. Not at all like LightScribe media, has the color on Labelflash discs got to be lighter when entered by a laser. The outcome is a bright, monochrome picture with up to 256 unique shades and 1000 dpi determination. The name has a gleaming look, as the color is situated under a 0.6-millimeter polycarbonate protective layer. In this manner, the accurate picture can’t be touched correctly. Despite the fact that this may stretch the lifespan of the name, there are no precise quotes on the lifetime of the marks. Nonetheless, it is prescribed to keep the discs far from great warmth, tidy, and direct daylight. Like LightScribe drives hits, Labelflash good drives can name and compose information to a disc. Labelflash entire optical disc drives (inward and outside) are accessible from makers, for example, Sony Optiarc, Teac, Quanta Storage, and Pioneer. What’s more, certain PC models by Toshiba, Gateway, and Acer incorporate Labelflash entire hard drives. Labelflash drives can copy pictures and content to the information side of any DVD media (Labelflash complete or not) on account of the [email protected] capacities.


5. Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker

Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker you can make your own particular CD/DVD, CD gem cases, and print direct to CD without breaking a sweat and adaptability! In case you’re tired of speculating which tunes are on which CD, get the CD mark programming that consequently puts your track list on your CD/DVD name! Packed with custom craftsmanship for occasions and unique events like Christmas, Valentines, birthdays, excursions, weddings and that’s just the beginning! Consequently imports your track data from Acoustica MP3 CD Burner, iTunes, WinAmp, Easy CD Creator or some other prevalent playlist or already copied CD. Print on standard paper, stock sticker names, CD gem case layouts or print straightforwardly on a CD or DVD. The Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker is a portion of the best programming for making cases for Blu-beams, CDs or DVDs of various sizes, however some of its guaranteed highlights ended up being more inconvenience than they were worth. Aside from the track list administrator, the Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker is anything but difficult to utilize, and it conveys on illustrations and printing capacities. On the off chance that you have to make drive names in a rush, the express-path wizard can help you from the minute you open the system. The outline components are anything but difficult to discover in the advanced interface, and the selected workspace permits you to present disc and defense names while staying sorted out.


Cd&dvd Label Maker Kit

6. Dataland CD Label Designer

Make your CD marks quickly! This Windows CD label creator will help you plan and print CD names (Gem case front, inside and back, DVD box, round disc, business card names and booklets). It underpins embeddings pictures, content, surrounded content and shapes, permitting you to mastermind and change the size, edge, and straightforwardness of items. Dataland CD Label Designer gives you a chance to plan and print gem CD case and DVD box names, round disc marks, and booklets. You can include pictures, foundations, round content, and also shapes and protest layers to enliven the marks. On the off chance that you are making a name for an Audio CD, the system can consequently remove the melody titles from the CD using FreeDB so that you can embed them on the mark. The configuration of the names is, for the most part, left to your inventiveness as the product does exclude any work of art, aside from some non-specific, and not exceptionally alluring, foundation pictures (wood surfaces, bubbles and so forth). Other than that, CD Label Designer is anything but difficult to utilize and does the occupation. It underpins all prominent mark groups, including Avery, Neato, Stomper and different layouts.


7. Label Design Studio

This system is incredible for the workplace; it offers mailing and item names as opposed to media marks like CDs and DVDs. Label Design Studio is named making programming with a sound choice of outline devices and layouts for various name sorts. On the off chance that you maintain a little business or need to compose your printed version documents, Label Design Studio exceeds expectations in office and small business marks. Label Design Studio is a product which encourages the formation of completely adjustable identifications and marks. It has instrument palettes that empower the client to perform numerous activities. There is an extensive variety of shapes, textual styles, hues and pictures gave in the Label Design Maker, which can be chosen to make names. Alongside this, you can pick assistance from the current information for label creation that has been given in the content record, Excel sheet or get to the document. This is offered to spare your time since you don’t have to retype data again and again when you make stickers, later. Consequently, the information is embedded into marks from the documents characterized by you. This system concentrates vigorously on office and mailing targets rather than things like CDs and DVDs. You can start with a clear format and make names with custom measurements if you can’t discover the season of name you need in the not insignificant rundown. All the predesigned layouts have diverse plans and embellishments to coordinate your identity or the item you’re marking. While you can make names for CDs, DVDs, and their cases, you can’t import track records straightforwardly onto the name.


8. Label Factory Deluxe

Iwinsoft Cd/dvd Label Maker For Mac Reviews

Label Factory Deluxe’s perfect, present day interface makes mark plan verging on easy. It likewise has a lot of configuration instruments, making it a portion of the best mark making programming. This name making programming incorporates all the outline devices to modify and customize your names. A portion of the unmistakable apparatuses is an assortment of clasp craftsmanship, foundations, text style decisions and major altering highlights. You can be as imaginative as you need with this current programming’s names. With Label Factory Deluxe, you get all that you have to make and apply impeccable CD names. It incorporates a CD name starter pack. For a CD to play effectively, you have to guarantee that the mark is focused flawlessly, which you can do with the product’s utensil device. This label creator programming incorporates more than 1,400 name organizations and layouts, alongside 13 scanner tag groups. It likewise imports pictures and combines some original photograph altering devices, for example, editing, red-eye lessening, and complexity. There is additionally integrated database director and location book, which imports your current location books from different projects, for example, Outlook, Act, Excel, Access, and dBase.


9. Disketch Disc Label Software

You can outline your drive and case marks sans preparation, or you can utilize Disketch Disk Label Software to deliver superb disc names and covers that fit with the most generally used name layouts and stationery brands. With a WYSIWYG methodology, this mechanical apparatus is reasonable for anybody needing making and printing drive and case marks for their CD, DVD, and Blu-beam accumulations. Use Disketch to make CD and DVD names and also spread pictures for gem cases. You can import your particular work of art, or set straightforward foundation shading and compose craftsman data alongside track records. This mechanical disc mark programming device will be of remarkable help to anybody expecting to plan new drive and case names for their accumulation or mostly to print existing sweeps of CD, DVD, and Blu-beam drives and covers. Disketch Disk Label Software accompanies a large group of layouts that spread most disc and name sorts. However it would profit incredibly from a couple of more case formats and some additional altering elements.


Dvd Maker For Mac Free

10. Visual Labels

Visual Labels is an easy to-use application that gives you a chance to make and plan multipurpose case names, for VCD, containers and marks, for instance. It dons a spotless interface with a moderate design and clear choices, making Visual Labels effortlessly available to first-time clients. You can begin another undertaking from format (e.g. address names, card items, list items) or client characterized form, by setting the name width and tallness, paper size, mark shape, flat and vertical pitch, left and top edge, and estimation unit (inches or millimeters). The system bolsters the expansion of standard drawing devices, for example, straightforward or multi-line content, counters, images, rectangles, ovals, round-cornered rectangles, lines, SuperShape, Rich content, SuperText, DriveText, and pictures (logo, Clipart). You can bolt all things on the name, select the following or past article, and utilize white determination handles on a dark foundation. The words’ size might be expanded or diminished to the tallness or width, extended or shrank to fit the content. The task can be spared to petition for further alterations. Lamentably, Visual Labels does not coordinate a choice to fare works to famous picture positions, as GIF, BMP, JPG or PNG. The names must be printed. Visual Labels incorporates client documentation and requires a low-to-moderate amount of CPU and framework memory, so it doesn’t influence the PC’s general execution. No blunder discoursed have been appeared in our tests and the apparatus did not hang or crash. On account of its instinctive format and general straightforwardness, Visual Labels ought to satisfy the whole gathering of people.

More About iWinSoft CD/DVD Label Maker for Mac

Dvd Label Maker For Mac


Dvd Label Maker Freeware

iWinSoft CD/DVD Label Maker for Mac gives you a chance to make incredible looking CD and DVD marks, covers, gem cases, booklets, case embeds quickly. Consistent reconciliation with iPhoto and iTunes, and in addition an extensive gathering of formats and foundations is the part of this program. Underpins several name paper sorts and direct to disc printers. Various picture impacts, similar to darkness level and picture cover, in blend with different settings permit you to make outwardly dazzling effects. The image libraries utilized for either mark foundation or picture protests long with the pre-characterized designs disentangle the drive name creation prepare incredibly, making it conceivable to complete the work in 3 stages. iWinSoft CD/DVD Label Maker for Mac is a quick, simple to utilize, instinctive CD and DVD labeler for Mac OS X gives you a chance to make incredible looking Covers, gem cases and marks for CDs and DVDs. with an impressive craftsmanship exhibition incorporates cut workmanship images, background pictures and designs you can make proficient looking marks with a few ticks. Effectively include pictures, foundations, photographs, standardized identification and content to your records, numerous picture impacts, similar to murkiness level and picture cover, in mix with different settings permit you to make outwardly staggering implications. The image libraries utilized for either mark foundation or view objects alongside the predefined formats streamline the drive name creation prepare extraordinarily, making it conceivable to complete the work in three stages. It is ideal for business, home, and interest.

Freeware Cd Label Maker

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iWinSoft CD/DVD Label Maker for Mac - 1.7.8

iWinSoft CD/DVD Label Maker is a Mac application that will help you make and print stunning CD and DVD Labels and Covers in Just Few Minutes.

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Current Version:1.7.8

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(File Size: 64.9 MB )

Software Description:
iWinSoft CD/DVD Label Maker for Mac is a fast, easy to use, intuitive CD and DVD labeler for Mac OS X lets you make great-looking Covers, jewel cases and labels for CDs and DVDs. with a great art gallery includes clip art images,background images and layouts you are able to create professional-looking labels with several clicks. Easily add images, backgrounds, photos, barcode and text to your documents, Numerous image effects, like opacity level and image mask, in combination with other settings allow you to make visually stunning effects. The image libraries used for either label background or image objects along with the predefined layouts simplify the disk label creation process greatly, making it possible to finish the work in three steps. It is perfect for business, home, and hobby.
Key Features of iWinSoft Mac CD / DVD Label Software:
- Import playlists from iTunes, Finder, Text File, etc.
- A lot of professionally designed templates, backgrounds & clipart images.
- Print to a wide array of label and paper types. (list)
- Direct CD/DVD printing capabilities are compatible with Epson printers.
- Multiline art text function.
- Templates for jewel case and DVD case inserts and booklets, MiniCD, and other media.
- Works with a variety of disc sizes and shapes.
- Start with a pre-designed template, or create you own design from scratch.
- Background and Foreground layers help to create and edit advanced label designs.
- You can insert custom artwork, images, photos and more.
- Opacity control for backgrounds and images.
- Support color gradients.
- Support bleed printing.
- Include and edit multi-line text laid out in a circle.
- Built-In Image Editor and Masks, Numerous image effects, like opacity level, image filters, tints, etc
- Organize design elements on separate layers
- Wrap text around other objects and around label edges.
- Text link between multiple text objects.
- Bezier tool to creating dynamic shapes for your images and photos.
- Support insert table to label.
- Supports save your label as a CD Label Maker document, or as a PDF, TIFF, PS file.
- Export your label design as JPEG, TIFF, PDF, BMP, PNG, Gif, etc image file.
- Supports JPEG, PNG, GIF, PDF, TIFF, and more, including various camera RAW image formats.
- Barcode generator - support add barcode to label.
- iWinSoft CD Label Maker has a great print alignment calibration feature for any laser or inkjet label printer.
- Support print two different cd/dvd labels at once, on a single sheet.
- Universal Application, runs on both PPC Mac and Intel Mac, Snow Leopard and Lion compatible.
- Very easy to use, WYSIWYG editor, anyone can use it.
Software Requirements:
No specific requirements
This software is designed to run on the following operating systems:
Mac OS X
iWinSoft CD/DVD Label Maker for Mac Keywords:
Cd Label Software, Cd Label Creator, Cd Cover Maker, Macintosh, Cover Designer, Dvd Labeler, make cd cover, Cd Label Printing, Cd Jewel Case Label, Dvd Label Maker For Mac
Download Links of iWinSoft CD/DVD Label Maker for Mac 1.7.8:
  • iWinSoft CD/DVD Label Maker for Mac - 1.7.8 (File Size: 64.9 MB)
  • iWinSoft CD/DVD Label Maker for Mac - 1.7.8 (File Size: 64.9 MB)

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