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Torch Browser is a browsing application which has made attempts to win over the public’s heart, but still has a long way to achieve it. This application has attempted to project the all-in-one capability, and in doing so, has compromised on its performance capability. The major features of this application such as file sharing and social media friendly containers are not that capable to make people walk away from Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

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Torch is based on the Chronium open-source project and, as a result, its user interface is very similar to Google Chrome. However, Torch brings a series of additions and improvements designed to enhance your browsing experience and speed up your workflow.

The application developers have identified the unique feature to be incorporated in this browser – to be a media player, a container for torrent downloader, and a common application to combine all the social networking applications. And it is here where the application has failed, since this single application is not capable of providing the same functionality and performance as the individual applications providing the features of their arena. As we use this browser, we feel that the power factor is not sufficient enough in this application, to act as a web portal. The speed is relatively slower when compared to the standard browsers as well as the other applications such as torrent downloader. Also we find that the add-on support for this application cannot be compared to the standard ones mentioned so far.

Utorrent for mac

Torch Browser For Mac

While reviews and analysis point out that this application can never be a threat to Firefox and Chrome, it poses a relatively smaller threat to Internet Explorers capability; especially when it comes to torrent downloader and media player options. Users who are heavy down loaders and enjoy the torrent method of file download may make a try with this application, but still may wish for further upgrades of the application, to ensure better performance reliability. This application is a freeware which uses very little of the systems resource and can run on Windows XP , Vista, and Windows 7 systems, with even 128 MB ram. The ease of creating bookmarks and the security features packed in this software makes this application hopeful of making an impact in the browser application market.

Torch browser for mac

Torch Browser

  1. Download Torch Internet Browser 2018 the Fastest Latest Free Version. Internet browsers are one of the most popular programs for users, both for computers or modern mobile devices, where they communicate with the world and navigate in an endless environment.
  2. Torch Browser for Mac is a free and unique software that offers you powerful browsing together with built-in media downloading and sharing features. Torch Browser for Mac is based on the Chromium technology platform, giving it fast browsing capabilities.